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Core technical team

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It now has more than 40 expert consultants and researchers, covering professionals in the fields of microbiology, nutriology, physiology, pharmacy, biochemistry and  food science, etc.. Over 80% researchers have a master degree and above. 


A professional research team constantly strives for perfection 

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  • 天津科技大学食品工程与生物技术学院 教授 博导

  • 海河学者特聘教授

  • 中国食品学会乳酸菌分会理事

  • 民盟天津市委员会常委

  • 天津市海外联谊会理事


  • 天津市政协常委

  • 天津科技大学 研究生院 副院长

  • 天津市保健食品化妆品专家咨询委员会专家

  • 全国休闲食品标准化技术委员会果冻工作组委员

  • 天津市轻工工程学会常务理事

  • 天津市食品学会常务理事

  • 天津市免疫学会第二届理事会理事


  • A professor and doctoral advisor at College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, Tianjin University of Science & Technology

  • A Hehai Scholar chair professor

  • A director of Lactic Acid Bacteria Society, Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology

  • A standing member of Tianjin Municipal Commission of China Democratic League

  • A director of Tianjin Overseas Friendship Association

Formerly as:

  • A standing member of Tianjin Municipal CPPCC

  • Dean of Graduate School, Tianjin University of Science and Technology

  • An expert at Tianjin Expert Consultation Committee for Health Food and Cosmetics

  • A member of Jelly Working Group, China National Snack Food Standardization Technology Committee

  • An executive director of Tianjin Light Industry Engineering Society

  • An executive director of Tianjin Society of Food Science

  • A member of the Second Council of Tianjin Society for Immunology

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  • 华中科技大学公共卫生学院 教授 博导

  • 国家保健食品评审专家

  • 享受国务院政府特殊津贴

  • 华中科技大学同济医学院营养与食品卫生学系主任

  • 《营养与食品卫生学》全国规划教材编委

  • 第二届全国医药高等院校预防医学专业教材评审委员会委员

  • 第三届全国医药高等院校预防医学专业教材评审委员会秘书

  • 中华预防医学会食品卫生学分会常委

  • 湖北省食品卫生学会副主任委员

  • 武汉食品卫生学会主任委员


  • A professor and doctoral advisor at School of Public Health, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

  • A national expert reviewer of health food

  • A winner of special government allowance from the State Council

  • Head of Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science & Technology

  • An editorial board member of national programming textbook Nutrition and Food Hygiene

  • A member of the second review board of preventive medicine textbooks for national medical colleges and universities

  • A member of the third review board of preventive medicine textbooks for national medical colleges and universities

  • A standing member of Food Hygiene Society Chinese Preventive Medicine Association

  • Vice Chairman of Hubei Institute of Food Hygiene

  • Chairman of Wuhan Institute of Food Hygiene

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  • 丹麦奥胡斯大学博士

  • 武汉市外聘专家及“城市合伙人”

  • 曾任南丹麦大学蛋白质组学研究中心主任


  • A doctorate holder at University of Aarhus

  • An external expert and “urban partner” of Wuhan City

  • Formerly as Director of Proteomic Research Center, University of Southern Denmark


Has been engaged in microbial resource development and the research of its application to health and green agriculture fields for many years.



Noabiox has an industry-leading research platform








Noabiox has established an internationally advanced probiotics research platform, so it is able to screen and develop the germplasm resource, and analyze genes of bacterial strains, study the production process of bacterial powder, and develop probiotics application products; study product nutrition and verify the function


and other scientific researches.



Noabiox has a germplasm resource bank for independent intellectual property

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High-performance and functionally excellent commercial strains are screened out from nearly 2,000 probiotics germplasm resources. These strains are selected from traditional Chinese food and healthy volunteers. After a series of basic studies, including separation and purification, screening and identification, safety assessment, intestinal colonization test, and functional verification, these strains have been considered more adaptive to Chinese people’s intestinal environment and physical condition. They are not only safe but also effective. All the commercial strains have their independent knowledge property rights, with the patents preserved at the International Collection Center.

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