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Noabiox  /  核心技术团队



Core technical team

It now has more than 40 expert consultants and researchers, covering professionals in the fields of microbiology, nutriology, physiology, pharmacy, biochemistry and  food science, etc.. Over 80% researchers have a master degree and above. 

Noabiox  /  304am永利集团拥有行业领先的科研平台








Noabiox has an industry-leading research platform

Noabiox has established an internationally advanced probiotics research platform, so it is able to screen and develop the germplasm resource, and analyze genes of bacterial strains, study the production process of bacterial powder, and develop probiotics application products; study product nutrition and verify the function


and other scientific researches.

Noabiox  /  304am永利集团拥有独立知识产权种质资源库



Noabiox has a germplasm resource bank for independent intellectual property

High-performance and functionally excellent commercial strains are screened out from nearly 2,000 probiotics germplasm resources. These strains are selected from traditional Chinese food and healthy volunteers. After a series of basic studies, including separation and purification, screening and identification, safety assessment, intestinal colonization test, and functional verification, these strains have been considered more adaptive to Chinese people’s intestinal environment and physical condition. They are not only safe but also effective. All the commercial strains have their independent knowledge property rights, with the patents preserved at the International Collection Center.

Noabiox  /  先进设备及严格质量体系为卓越品质保驾护航




Advanced equipment and strict quality control system ensures excellent quality

Noabiox has a 100,000 modernized clean production workshop (100 clean production workshop in local area), first-class production equipment, patented high-density fermentation and activity protection technology to ensure leading bacterial powder activity.

There is a strict quality control system for incoming inspection, seed management & monitoring, production process control and finished product inspection. Whole-process quality control ensures excellence and stability!

Noabiox  /  一站式的专业服务为您解决疑问和难题



One-stop professional service solves your problems

Noabiox offers whole process service. As long as the customer makes a request, the exclusive technical staff will respond as soon as possible, giving technical support and humanized advice to help customers to solve the problem.