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Noabiox  /  304am永利集团致力于为消费者提供更安全、优质、有效的益生菌产品





Noabiox is committed to providing consumers with safe, high quality and innovative probiotic products

Noabiox (Wuhan) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focuses on developing, producing and applying probiotic resources, and is committed to providing customers and consumers with safe, high quality and innovative probiotic products and becoming a leading probiotic enterprise with core competitiveness.

Over the years, Noabiox has accumulated strong strength for its development, building a professional probiotics and micro-ecology research platform with a number of famous Chinese universities, such as Tianjin University of Science and Technology. Noabiox has absolute predominance in its core technology field!

The engineering center of  Noabiox is located in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province. It has set a research and development center, a testing center and the advanced production line for probiotics powder and application products established according to requirements of GMP. Dosage form of end product covers powder (packed in bags or cans), capsule,  tablet and oral liquid, etc. Whole-line manufacturing and supply from the raw material of probiotics powder to end products can be achieved.